History of our Mascot and Logo

Amanecer Elementary School’s Falcon mascot was uniquely selected through the input of our Lee County students and community committee.  In the weeks leading up to our community meeting, we received several mascot options for our consideration.  The winning selection came in from a student who had recently visited the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium during a field trip with his YMCA Summer Camp group.  The student expressed to us how unique the bird appeared and how much detail about the bird’s life was shared by the Coordinator during the Live Animal Talk, this kept the bird in his mind long after he left the park tour.  The student then shared that he was so inspired by the trip that he went on to review the history of the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium.  


What an inspirational trip and a great connection to the history of Lee County and how our mascot was selected.

Once our mascot was selected we moved forward with the development of our logo.  We are proud and honored to have a logo that was designed and created by a Technology Specialist and Computer Engineer right here in the Lee County Family, Mr. Allen Razon.  His thoughtful vision and artistic design captured the right feel and energy we were looking for to represent the school.  We are truly grateful for his time and talents.